New Aubrey Organics Store

I’ve been considering trying Aubrey Organics’ Calaguala Fern Leave-In Texturizing Treatment for a few months, to complement the matching shampoo I’ve been using. This is something Pure Skincare don’t currently stock, so I had a quick look around and found an eBay store exclusively selling Aubrey Organics products: iloveaubrey0rganics

They have quite a range and, even better, their prices are cheaper than retail! I was getting low on toner and shampoo I decided to order them too and, as I’d spent over £15, was entitled to a free bottle of Sparkling Mineral Water Complexion Mist. If I spent just over a pound more, I would qualify for free delivery too, so I topped up my order with a bottle of Aloe Vera.

I ordered on Saturday, the goods were sent out promptly on Monday and arrived early Tuesday. There were several samples included, a natural ingredients guide, a product guide and even a tote bag. All very well packaged in a cardboard box with lots of brown paper wrapping. I was expecting the products to perhaps be close to Use By date given the cheap prices, but none of them expire until 2009.

I really like the Complexion Mist too, so I may be ordering some more of that in future. I’ll give my mum the Rose Mosqueta samples and she’ll probably love those. :D

The store changes offers periodically, currently they’re giving away a soap bar when you spend £30 or more. I don’t think they’re doing free delivery at the moment, but I’m sure they’ll do it again at some point.