Vitamins & Vertigo – A Strange Affliction

I’ve never really used multi-vitamins in the past. Being a typically forgetful person, I never remembered to take them half the time so they usually ended up in the bathroom cabinet until they expired and went in the bin.

When we decided to start trying for a baby, I bought myself some Pregnacare pre-conception vitamins and made a concerted effort to take them every day. At around the same time, I began having the most awful dizzy spells, but it didn’t even occur to me that the two might be connected. I went to the doctor who diagnosed me with a condition called Benign Positional Vertigo (BPV), which is something to do with loose calcium deposits floating around in the inner ear. I was taught some simple head movements to do which would help move these deposits back where they belonged.

Needless to say, this made no difference. I can’t remember why I decided to come off the vitamins, but I do know that my dizziness completely disappeared within a couple of days of doing so. Intrigued by my discovery, I waited a couple of weeks and then tried another brand of pre-natal vitamins. Sure enough, within a few days, the dizziness was back.

I wanted to understand why this was happening, especially as I was keen to take a supplement during my pregnancy. I returned to the doctor who laughed and said there was absolutely no way multivitamins could cause such a reaction. She told me I still had BPV and sent me off on my merry way.

Within a few days of ceasing this round of vitamins, the dizziness had once again disappeared. I resisted the urge to see the doctor again and tell her where to shove her false diagnosis. I bought some folic acid pills and spent my pregnancy otherwise supplement-free with no problems.

Fast-forward two and a half years and I have been taking regular multivitamins regularly for a few weeks. Guess what? I am experiencing dizzy spells and heavy-headedness, peaking a few hours after swallowing a pill. This time it came on more slowly and is less severe, to the point that I didn’t realise what was happening until I had a sudden epiphany this afternoon.

There is nothing physically wrong with me because I had blood tests done last month to rule out anaemia and thyroid problems along with a general check-up. So it appears that I can now never take multivitamins in any form without having these bizarre side effects. I know I’m not alone, as a bit of research has revealed other people with similar reactions, oddly enough they’ve all been brushed off by their doctors too.

I suppose I’m just going to have to do things the hard way and make sure I’m getting my five-a-day from now on.

Guinea Pig Crazy!

For the boy’s second birthday, we decided it would be nice to introduce a new pet and settled on a couple of guinea pigs. Obviously we don’t expect him to take responsibility for them, but he can enjoy watching, them, helping us clean out their hutch and giving supervised cuddles.

Except they have kind of become more my present than his, because I’m really enjoying them. So much so that we have ended up with three and have a fourth reserved for collection at the end of the month! I’d actually like a couple more, but four is pushing the limits of our six foot hutch, so I have to resist my desire to continue trawling the local guinea pig chat site on facebook.

Anyway, thought I’d share a few photos of our new herd. Two came from local breeders and the other is a rescue. Lucy is dark lilac and white, Treacle is the tortie/brindle and Thelma is a himalayan – coloured like a siamese cat!

I shall post a photo of our new girl when she arrives in a couple of weeks or so. Now I need to go spot-clean their hutch, one of the no-so-enjoyable tasks of pet ownership…..

Rebooting Site…. Here We Go!

Testing… testing… 123. Is anybody still reading? Going by the visitor log, the answer is a firm yes!

So it has been a whopping two+ years since I last posted and yet I keep coming back to see what I can do with this place. On more than one occasion, I’ve wiped everything and started from scratch, only to change my mind and put it all back again. I may not use any of the products I’ve reviewed any more, but I’m still pleased with what I’ve written and people still keep reading!

I rarely buy skin care stuff any more, so this blog will definitely not be about that. I’m using a very simple routine that I will share with you another day, but for now expect this to be a personal odds and sods blog. I’m not going to hold back, which may mean the occasional bit of swearing and ranting. Sorry about that, but I find I express myself best if allowed to say what I’m really thinking.

Since my last update, I can tell you I am now a very proud mummy to a gorgeous little boy who just turned two, and we are still living in the glorious English countryside. My dear hubby is now unemployed, sadly, but we are just about getting by on the pittance the government considers adequate for work-shy dole-scum. That’s sarcasm by the way – we are neither and if luck comes our way, then hubby will be a successful illustrator soon enough.

I recently completed a 1st degree course in Reiki healing, I’ll tell you more about that also in a future post. Let’s just say I’m exploring my spiritual side a lot more these days….

And She’s Back!

Well well, after nearly a year of absence, the Online Goddess has made an appearance. Where on earth have I been? And what is to become of the site?

A lot has happened over the last 12 months, in short I have moved out of my teeny little terraced house in the busy town, relocated to the gorgeous Suffolk countryside and am currently 7 months pregnant with our first baby – whew!

Unfortunately, the seborrheic dermatitis on my face still has yet to disappear, hence my reluctance to try (and thus review) any new skin care products. In fact, it has sadly spread to both cheeks from nose to ears now and has made me quite self-conscious about my appearance. The (potentially) good news is that I’m currently using a soap called ZNP Bar I’ve imported from the US which seems to be really helping. I’ve had brief improvements in the past, so I’m not going to get too excited until it’s made a long-term impact.

So, onto the question of what to do with this site. Well, I still get a lot of visitors checking out past reviews and I’d like them to stay available for the benefit of consumers. I still want to do product reviews, but I’m not going to be able to do ones for facial products at the current time.

This doesn’t stop me from trying out body care goodies though, and thank goodness as I do enjoy a bit of pampering now and then. Plus, with baby on the way I want to get myself acquainted with the whole new category of natural and organic stuff that’s available for little ones and mums.

I’ve already been using some delicious products during my pregnancy, so look out for reviews of those starting within the next couple of days (maybe I’ll even get the first one up this evening!). I may also double-up with a bit of antenatal and postnatal blogging instead of the usual ranting about my dreadful skin lol.

Thank You Winton Health Foods!

I just had to write a quick blog to say how chuffed I am with this little company down in Dorset. At the weekend, I ordered some more Aubrey Organics’ Calaguala Fern shampoo and Facial Astringent from them. They arrived yesterday, but unfortunately the astringent seems to have come a cropper and was leaking slightly at the bottom.

Hubby gave Winton a ring to let them know. We weren’t really expecting anything, just wanted to let them know that it may have been because the goods were sent in a jiffy bag rather than a cardboard box and thus they got squashed somewhere in transit. The chap he spoke to apologised and arranged to send out a replacement as soon as possible.

Well, with it being Easter this weekend, I expected it to arrive next week sometime. So I was pleasantly surprised to hear the postman knocking at our door at 10am this morning – the package had been sent Special Delivery! For those unfamiliar with UK mail services, this means guaranteed next day delivery before 1pm. What’s amazing is that this costs over £6 – the item itself was only £6.99!

There were a few Aubrey Organics samples in the package as well, including some aloe vera gel which I’ve used before and liked very much. It was all very securely wrapped along with a note to say that Aubrey Organics bottles would be checked in future. I doubt there is a design flaw in the bottles as I’ve used a great deal of Aubrey’s products in the last couple of years and never had a problem, so hopefully Winton and their customers will not experience any further issues.

So a big thank you to the staff at Winton Health Foods. It’s unusual to see a company go above and beyond at customer service these days. I heartily recommend giving them a look – Aubrey Organics is only one of a large selection of natural and organic brands they sell and the prices are better than many other stores too. You can buy from them online in two different ways:

eBay Store:

Or, if you happen to live in Winton, Bournemouth or the surrounding area, they are at 33 Withermoor Rd. I’d visit myself if I didn’t live 200 odd miles away. :D